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Ultra Temperature Epoxies

600°F   Low Viscosity Epoxy

Duralco™ 4460 is easy to use. Just mix resin and hardener to form a low viscosity liquid that easily flows into fine details, cracks and crevices.

4460 has excellent adhesion to metals, plastics, ceramics and glass, high bond strength, low moisture absorption, high temp. stability, low shrinkage and excellent chemical, electrical and radiation resistance.

Ideal for ultra thin bond lines, sealing porous materials and protecting, bonding and coating critical electronic components, strain gauges, etc.

Duralco Epoxy is Used to Pot an Electronic Assembly

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600°F  Ultra Temp Adhesive

Duralco™ 4700 unique properties stem from Cotronics' cross liked, inorganic- organic polymer system. Simply mix resin and hardener and follow with a heat cure (250°F min.).

Offers high electrical resistance, low moisture absorption, high temp. stability, high bond strength, low shrinkage and excellent chemical solvent and radiation resistance.

Ideal for sealing electrical connections, high performance bonding, potting and repairing in automotive, aerospace, nuclear, chemical, production and laboratory applications.

4700 is Used to Assemble and Eletro-Mechanical Device

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650°F  Adhesive & Tooling Compound

Duralco™ 4703 is Cotronics' high temp. resins reinforced with ceramic and metallic fibers and particles, resulting in the ultimate stability in high temp. environments.

It is easily machined to close tolerances and will repair and rebuild worn or cracked composites, dies, fixtures, jigs, etc.

Electrically non-conductive and is resistant to most chemicals, solvents, acids and bases.

Applications Include bonding, potting, injection molding, matched dies, vacuum forming dies, extrusion dies and tooling. Use up to 650°F.

Duralco 4703 Seals Electrical Feed Thrus for a High Temperature Heater

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Custom Formulations Available Upon Request

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