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High Temperature Machinable Epoxies

500°F  Machinable Epoxy
Duralco™ 4540 machinable epoxy patches, fills, seals and repairs. Offers outstanding adhesion, ductility, thermal conductivity and shock resistance. Has excellent resistance to chemicals and solvents.

Use for high performance and bonding and repair in appliances, aerospace, automotive, electronics, instrumentation, motors, chemical processing equipment.

Applications Include: repairing leaks, solder joints, cracks, holes, castings, heating elements, cooling coils, high temp. instruments, assemblies.

Duralco 4540 Machinable Epoxy Patches, Fills, Rebuilds and Repairs

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500°F  454B Non-Sag Repair Putty
Durabond™ 454B  is a smooth, creamy putty that easily cures at room temp. to form an aluminum based, highly machinable, composite that is usable to 500ºF.

Offers excellent adhesion, corrosion and chemical resistance, has high strength at elevated temperatures and will not run or sag while applying.

Ideal for patching leaking pipes, valves and fittings; repairing pumps, machinery, and equipment; and rebuilding worn shafts, housings and linings.

Also packaged in Epox EEZ Repair Kits (RK-454)

Durabond 454B rebuilds a bracket

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Custom Formulations Available Upon Request

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