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Electrically Conductive Epoxies

Duralco™ Conductive Adhesives and Potting Compounds combine Cotronics’ unique resins and hardeners with specialty conductive fillers to provide continuous service to 650ºF.

Duralco™ Conductive Adhesives bond to glass, ceramics, metals and plastics, have excellent resistance to most chemicals and solvents and are ideal for all high temperature applications.

Applications include solder replacement, semi conductor bonding, shielding, electronics, quick repairs, heat transfer, etc.

Duralco™ 120 500ºF Silver Filled Epoxy

Contains over 70% ultra fine silver to provide the ultimate electrical conductivity. Resistances of 0.00008 ohm - cm have been reported in independent tests.

Cures at room temperature and is ideal for use in applications where the maximum conductivity is required.


Duralco 120 Repairs a Circuit Board

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Duralco™ 124 650ºF Silver Filled Epoxy

Ultra Temp, Silver filled adhesive for high power applications.

Just mix and cure with mild heat. Can be used up to 650ºF.

Users Report: Duralco 124 formed a conductive bond and remained stable for over six months at 650ºF.


Duralco 120 Provides Conductive Paths in a High Temp Motor

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Duralco™ 125 450ºF Stress Free, Silver Filled Epoxy

Pre-Measured, Dispenser Kits

Just dispense mix and apply. 125 has excellent adhesion, will bond dissimilar materials and cures at room temp. to form flexible, electrically conductive bond lines for use to 400ºF

Ideal for instant repairs and production applications.


Duralco 125 Replaces Soldering on a Circuit Board

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