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EPOX-EEZ™ Pre-Measured Epoxy
Cartridges and Kits

EPOX - EEZ™ Cartridges

Convenient - Economical - Foolproof

Just place the twin pack cartridge into the convenient applicator gun, snap on a mixer tube and squeeze to apply.

The completely measured and fully mixed adhesive will cure at room temp to provide up to 500°F service.

Ideal for handy repairs, assembling and bonding.

Available in Low Viscosity - 4461, General Purpose - 4525, Machinable -4540 and Fast Setting -4537 formulations.

Epox - EEZ Twin Pack Cartridges are Easy to Use

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EPOX - EEZ™ Pre-Measured Kits

No Measuring ! Just Mix and Apply.

Epox-Eez resins are pre-measured and supplied in specially designed rigid mixing cups.

Epox-Eez hardeners are supplied in pre- measured disposable syringes.

Just inject one syringe of hardener into one jar of resin, mix, use and discard.

Epox-Eez pre-measured kits are the most economical, easy to use, foolproof epoxy system available and are ideal for use in production, field repairs, assemblies, etc.

Available in all epoxy formulations.

Epox-EEZ Pre Measured Kits

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Custom Formulations Available Upon Request

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