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Epoxy Encapsulants

500°F  Low Viscosity Impregnant

Durapot™ 861 is a 100 % reactive compound for use to 500ºF. Provides excellent penetration, even into tightly wound coils. Just mix and cure at room temp. to provide excellent electrical, moisture and chemical resistance. Available in flame retardant grades.

Encapsulants Used in Electronic Assemblies to Prevent Vibration Damage

Encapsulants Property Table

650°F  Low Viscosity, High Temp. Potting

Durapot™ 863 has unique properties stemming from Cotronics' cross liked, inorganic- organic polymer system. It is a 100 % reactive and can be used to 650ºF after curing at 350ºF. Offers excellent dielectric properties, heat stability, moisture and solvent resistance. Commonly used in electronic assemblies to prevent vibration damage.

450°F  Flexible, Potting Compound

Durapot™ 864 provides the flexibility required for severe thermal shock applications. Will bond to dissimilar materials, treated Teflon™ and other difficult to bond plastics. Users report the ability to impregnate and bond thousands of small diameter, fiber optical strands for use at 450ºF. Ideal for stress free embedding, impregnating and encapsulation. Available in flame retardant grades.

500°F  Highly Thermally Conductive, Potting Compound

Durapot™ 865 was designed for applications requiring high heat flows and rapid thermal dissipation. Just mix, apply and cure at room temp. for excellent chemical resistance and high temp. stability. Used for thermally conductive casting, embedding, impregnating and encapsulation.

500°F  Thermally Insulating, Potting Compound

Durapot™ 866 is a 500ºF thermally and electrically insulating compound. Convenient two part, room temp curing system. Forms a low density, non porous foam for high temp applications. Available in flame retardant grades.

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