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1200°F   Stainless Brush on Coating

The corrosion resistance of Stainless Steel is now
available in a easy to use, brush on coating.

Easy to use. Just re-mix, apply directly to clean
surfaces and cure at room temperture. 6105 will form
a continuous layer of stainless steel and protct the
underlying metallic surfaces up to 1200°F.

Duralco 6105 Brush on Coating is resistant to most
chemicals and solvents.

Commonly used for coating high temp. equipment,
pipes, stacks, boilers, furnaces. cks, boilers, furnaces.

Stainless Steel Paint

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1500°F   Boron Nitride Spray on Coating and Lubricant

Rescor 112 has excellent electrical insulation, high
thermal conductivity and is a superior high temp lubricant. It is inert to most molten metals, glasses and salts and can be used continuously to 1500°F in air and to 3600°F in an inert atmosphere.

This unique combination makes for an ideal high temp. lubricant, mold release and electrically resistant
coating. Applications include mold release, lubricant,
barrier layer and as an anti-splatter compound.

Boron Nitride Caoting and Lubricant

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2400°F  Anti-Seize

R-450 Anti-Seize prevents metal to metal contact and
eliminates failures often caused by corrosion, abrasion, strong acids and alkalis. Allows for easy movement and disassembly.

Ideal thread lubricant for steel to stainless, brass to
steel and dissimilar materials. Used in power plants,
chemical facilities, oil refineries, automotive, appliance, aerospace, etc

2400 ºF Anti Sieze No Galling No Pitting No Seizing

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Repair Materials
     Special Purpose  

Custom Formulations Available Upon Request

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