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The Latest High Temperature Products

400°F   Plastic Bonding Adhesive

Bond-IT 7050 Activated Epoxies adhere to most plastic surfaces producing bonds in many cases stronger than the plastic substrates.

Easy to use. Just mix, apply and cure at room temp. for use from -45�F to + 400�F. 

Ideal for bonding combinations of metals, ceramics, plastics, glass and many other dissimilar materials. In most cases no special surface preparation is required.

Bond-It Bonds Nylon End Fitting To Aluminum Shaft

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2000�F   Liquid Metals that Bond, Repair and Rebuild

Smooth, creamy putties repair, rebuild and bond. Just apply and let dry. Hardening starts in just 60 minutes.

Can be drilled, threaded or machined

Convenient repair kits are  ideal for small jobs, field use, in-house repairs and even production applications Choose from Aluminum Filled Epoxy Putty, Aluminum Ceramic  or Stainless Ceramic Putty.

Liquid Metals Repair and Rebuild

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1200°F   Stainless Steel Paint Two Products for the Price of One!

Duralco 6105SP combines the corrosion resistance of 316L Stainless Steel with the High Temperature Protection of Cotronics' Specialty Binders to forma 1200°F, Protective Coating.

Just shake, spray and dry. Cures at room temp. to form a continuous, stainless steel, protective coating with excellent chemical, corrosion, solvent and high temperature resistance.

Stainless Steel Paint

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3000�F   Customizable Ceramic Adhesives Solves All High Temp. Application Requirements

Now, for the first time, Resbond 940, Customizable Series of fast setting, 3000�F Adhesives are designed with your application in mind. Just match the grade of Resbond 940 with the physical properties of your substrate, mix and apply.

These versatile adhesives have excellent adhesion as well as chemical and thermal shock resistance.  They easily cure in 4-8 hours at room temp or in 5 minutes at 175�F.

Grades available include low to high thermal expansions, ultra temperature, machinable, metallic, super fast setting, thermally or electrically conductive grades. Other grades are readily available upon request. 

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450�F   Duralco� Super Flexible Epoxy is So Flexible You Can Tie it in a Knot

Just mix, apply and cure at room temperature to provide outstanding bond strength, adhesion to dissimilar materials, thermal and mechanical shock resistance and excellent electrical and chemical resistance.

Duralco 4538N can be tailored to thousands of applications by simply adjusting the mix ratio, providing the exact degree of flexibility required for each application.

Ideal for bonding, encapsulating and sealing in electronic, instrumentation, production, development, maintenance, high temp. equipment applications.

Duralco 4538 Super Flexible Epoxy

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2600°F   940LE Fast Set, Low Expansion Adhesive Bonds High Performance Quartz Lamps in High Speed Production Lines.

Now, for the first time, an adhesive specially designed to bond low expansion materials or use in difficult applications. Easy to use. Just mix and apply. Resbond 940LE cures in minutes to form an electrically and chemically resistant bond that will prevent cracking in thermal shock applications.

Applications include bonding and insulating quartz fixtures, bulbs, halogen lamps, thermocouples, heat sensors, fiber cables, glassware etc.

Users Report: Resbond 940LE bonds high performance light bulbs in a high speed precision production line.

Resbond 940LE Bonds a Glass Light Fixture

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2300°F   907GF Adhesive and Sealant Successfully Seals Exhaust Ducts Against Corrosive Chemicals and High Heat.

Just apply and let dry. 907GF cures in 4 - 12 hours to form a hard ceramic with excellent resistance to chemicals, solvents, electricity, oxidizing and reducing atmospheres.

Applications include: bonding metals, glass, ceramics, ceramic tapes; sealing exhaust systems, stacks, pipes; repairs diesel engines, gas turbines, heating equipment etc.

It is the ideal adhesive and sealant for use in any High Temperature Assembly, Production, Repair or Maintenance Application.

Resbond 907GF High Temp Adhesive and Sealant

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