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500ºF & 2100ºF Threadlockers

2100°F   Resbond™ 907TS Threadlockers

Available in Viscosities and strengths to meet your toughest sealant needs.

Its easy to use. No mixing required. Just apply and let dry to form thermally stable, electrically insulating, chemically resistant bonds.

Packaged in convenient 4 oz. applicator bottles. Will not run off or drip while applying.

Ideal for use on set screws, adjustment screws, fasteners, studs, bearings, bolts, pipe threads, large nuts, etc. Removable with hand tools.

Threadlockers Available in Strengths and Viscosities to Meet Toughest Needs

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500°F   Resbond™ 507TS Gel

The perfect alternative to traditional anaerobic sealants that are limited to use to 300°F.

Just dispense and apply. Cures in 2 - 4 hours. 507TS Gel has excellent adhesion to metals, ceramics and glass. Provides thermally stable, electrically insulating, chemically resistant seals and joints. Prevents vibration loosening and leakage caused by shock and moisture.

It is the ideal choice for any high temperature sealing or locking application requiring thermal stability, electrical resistance and chemically stable bonds.

Teflon Epoxy Threadlocker to 500ºF

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Repair Materials
     Special Purpose  

Custom Formulations Available Upon Request

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