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500ºF - 2000ºF Putties Won't Run or Sag 

500°F  Machinable Aluminum Putty, Pre-Measured Kits

Epox-EEZ™ RK454. Just dispense, mix and apply!

This smooth creamy putty cures at room temp. to form a highly machinable, aluminum based composite.

Offers excellent adhesion, corrosion and chemical resistance.

Applications Include: patching leaky pipes, valves and fittings; repairing pumps, machinery and equipment and rebuilding worn shafts, housings and linings. Commonly used to fill holes prior to powder coating.

Epox - EEZ High Temp Aluminum Filled Epoxy Repair Kits

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450°F   Machinable Instant Metal, Makes Impossible Repairs in Minutes

Bond-IT™ 7056AL is a metal filled, super fast setting, machinable, repair epoxy. Its easy to use, just dispense, mix and trowel on. 7056AL easily cures at room temperature without any  objectionable odors or "sticky fingers" that are common to most fast setting materials.

Has excellent adhesion to smooth, rough or porous surfaces, most plastics, metals, ceramics, glass, wood, etc. Cures in 4 - 8 minutes to form a hard, durable, metallic, machinable material that can be tapped, drilled, threaded, etc.

Applications include high temperature  repairs, rebuilding, assembling, etc. Makes critical repairs to machinery and precision parts.  Bond-IT 7056AL is the ideal putty to have on hand in any shop or laboratory.


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1000°F High Temperature Aluminum Putty

Durabond™ 7025 was specially formulated with active aluminum to provide excellent resistance to corrosion, cavitation, most chemicals and solvents.  

Just mix to a smooth creamy paste and trowel on. Cures in 24 hours  at room temp. or in 2 hours at 250ºF to form a highly machinable,  aluminum based composite usable to 1000ºF.

Use For rebuilding, patching, repairing worn or eroded areas, pumps, housings, heat exchangers, etc. Ideal for any production, manufacturing industrial, automotive or equipment applications.

Duralco 7025 Repairs a Wear Plate

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2000°F High Temperature Stainless Putty

Durabond™ 7032 Stainless Putty will repair and seal  high temperature equipment with the ease of Cotronics' high performance systems.

This smooth creamy paste has no harsh odors, will not run, drip or sag and cures at room temperature to form a machinable composite.

Offers excellent adhesion, resistance to heat, chemicals and solvents.

Ideal For repairing and rebuilding worn or cracked composites, dies, fixtures, jigs; fills holes and leaks in automotive, maintenance and industrial applications.

Durabond 7032 Provides a 2000ºf Seal For a Exhaust System

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Repair Materials
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Custom Formulations Available Upon Request

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