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550ºF - 700ºF Duraseal Silicones 

700°F   Silicone Putty  

Duraseal 1531 One Component, Non Sag Putty fills in voids, forms flexible gaskets, repairs and seals. Ideal for sealing pipes, flanges, stacks and high temp. equipment.

No mixing, measuring or mess.  No harsh or acidic odors. No special surface preparation. Will not corrode metal surfaces and is safe to use with the most delicate electronic components.

Duraseal 1531 offers flexibility, high bond strength, high temperature stability, thermal shock resistance, chemical resistance, low shrinkage and excellent electrical properties.

High Temperature Silicone Putty

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650°F  Clear, Thin Putty  

Duraseal 1532 Clear, Thin Putty with Excellent Spreadability.

Ideal for high temperature bonding, waterproofing, sealing, impregnating, coating or vibration dampening applications.

Excellent electrical insulation properties makes it the ideal choice for cable splicing, electrical isolation, repairs, potting, etc. 

550F 5 Minute Casting Compound
Duraseal 1533 flows into the finest cracks and crevices to form stress free, highly detailed molds,  coatings and encapsulations.

Easy to use 1 to 1 mix ratio. Just mix and pour. No need for vacuum degassing.

Duraseal 1533 will cure in 5-15 minutes at room temperature to form a flexible material with excellent mechanical properties and resistance to chemicals, solvents and moisture. Meets stringent UL 94V-0 flame retardant requirements.

Applications include: producing finely detailed molds, encapsulating electronic components, forming flexible parts, and stress free potting. 

Repair Materials
     Special Purpose  

Custom Formulations Available Upon Request

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