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Fast Set Ceramic Adhesives

2000°F   Resbond™ 940 Fast Setting Adhesive

Just mix and apply. Cures in 5 minutes at 175°F or in 16 hours at room temp. without any objectionable or toxic odors. 940 is specially formulated with a catalytic activator making it ideal for use in production applications.

Has excellent adhesion to ceramics, metals, glass, etc. and provides high electrical, thermal and shock resistance.

Used for sealing and assembling parts, encapsulate heating elements, form electrically resistant coatings. Users Report Resbond 940 encapsulates industrial heating elements and high temp. Sensors. Resbond 940 outperforms other ceramic adhesives and materials tested.

Resbond 940 Bonds and Insulates a Lamp Assembly

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2500°F   940LE Fast Set, Low Expansion Adhesive

Now, for the first time, an adhesive specially designed to bond low expansion materials or use in difficult applications. Easy to use. Just mix and apply. Resbond 940LE cures in minutes to form an electrically and chemically resistant bond that will prevent cracking in thermal shock applications.

Applications include bonding and insulating quartz fixtures, bulbs, halogen lamps, thermocouples, heat sensors, fiber cables, glassware etc.

Users Report: Resbond 940LE bonds high performance light bulbs in a high speed precision production line.

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2800°F   Resbond™ 940HT Fast Set, High Temp. Adhesive

New, fast setting, Alumina adhesive can be used continuously to 2800F. Just mix and apply. 940HT sets in 15 minutes and cures in 5 minutes at 175F.

Excellent adhesion to ceramics, metals, glass, composites, etc. Resistant to liquid metals, most chemicals and solvents, oxidizing and reducing atmospheres and offers good electrical properties.

Applications include bonding sapphire tubes to metal end caps for use to 2650Fand joining metal to ceramic in bonding heating elements to electrical terminals for continuous use at at 2500F.  It is ideal for any high temp. bonding application.

Resbond 940HT Bonds a Sappire Tube to Metal Endcap For use to 2650F

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Custom Formulations Available Upon Request

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