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4000ºF Ceramic Adhesives

1200°F   Durabond™ Metallic Composites

Durabond adhesives and putties were specially formulated to bond metals, ceramics, and dissimilar materials for use to 2000ºF.

These metallic composite adhesives, overcome the brittle bonds obtained with ceramics and offers some of the ductility and impact resistance associated with soldering and welding.

Durabond Adhesives can be drilled, tapped, machined, etc.

They are safe and easy to use.

Choose from the following formulations:

Durabond Bonds a Stainless Filter Cartridge for use at 1200ºF

View 950 Data Sheet

View 952, 954 Data Sheet

Durabond 950 Aluminum Based 1200ºF Adhesive
Developed for high strength bonding of steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, etc.

Durabond 952 Nickel Based 2000ºF Adhesive
Developed for bonding low expansion metals such as 400 series stainless steel, low expansion, high temp. alloys, metals, ceramics etc.

Durabond 954 Stainless Based 2000ºF Adhesive
High expansion adhesive for high temp. bonding of 300 series stainless steels, high expansion metals and ceramics.

Ceramic Adhesives
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Custom Formulations Available Upon Request

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