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Electrically Resistant

2800°F   Resbond™ 919 Electrically Resistant

Exceptionally high electrical resistance. Dielectric
strength is 270 volts/mil and volume resistivity is 1011 ohm-cm (at room temp.).

Maintains its high electrical resistance and dielectric strength at high temperature.

Users Report Resbond 919 bonds electrodes, seals light bulb fixtures, forms protective tubes for fiberglass covered extension wires and more.

Resbond 919 is ideal for: potting, sealing, coating cable end seals, igniters, heating coils, instrumentation, thermocouples, electronics, and many other electrical applications.

Resbond 919 Secures a High Power Resistor

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2800°F   Resbond™ 920 Thermally Conductive

Just mix, apply and let dry. Resbond 920 cures at room temp. to bond, seal, insulate, encapsulate and protect delicate electronics components against heat, electricity, chemicals, corrosion and moisture.

Based on high purity Alumina Ceramic it is ideal for use when rapid dissipation of heat is required

Applications include: bonding, encapsulating, protecting and electrically insulating, high watt resistors, electrodes, extension wires, thermocouples, heat sensors, heating coils, igniters and critical electronic components.

Resbond 920 Provides a Thermally Conductive and Electrically Insulating Bond

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