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3000ºF Ceramic  Tapes

2300°F   Ceramic Tapes

Ultra Temp 390 is made from non-woven, Alumina Oxide based, high purity, refractory fibers and is available in ready to use 1", 2" or 3" wide roll form.

Resistant to molten metal sparks and splashes, most chemicals and solvents.

Offers outstanding thermal insulation, low thermal conductivity and heat storage, good dielectric strength, high resiliency, mechanical and thermal shock resistance and sound absorption.

Can be cut with ordinary scissors and formed into complex shapes.

Use for low cost electrical and thermal insulation, separators, metal handling, gaskets, padding and thousands of uses in every lab, shop and production facility.

2500ºF Ceramic Tape

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2300°F  Pressure Sensitive Ceramic Tapes

Introducing, Thermally insulating, electrically resistant, 2300F, Pressure Sensitive, Ceramic Tapes. 390PS is made from Asbestos Free, Aluminum Oxide based, high purity, refractory fibers.

390PS Eliminates the time spent twisting, slipping and unwrapping that occurs with standard tapes. The tapes adhesive backing simplifies placement and installation. Just press and stick. (Mechanical fastening or high temperature adhesive is required for applications above 400F.)

390PS is low in specific heat and low in thermal conductivity. They are resistant to thermal shock and offer electrical insulation, good dielectric strength and excellent corrosion resistance. The combined ceramic tape and pressure sensitive adhesive make it the ideal material for any high temp. application requiring up to 2300F service and excellent thermal and electrical resistance.

Pressure Sensitive Ceramic Tapes

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1500°F  Ceramic Woven Tapes

Thermeez 395 and 397 is woven from industrial grade, Asbestos Free, Ceramic Fibers. These fibers are high in strength, flexible, durable, dimensionally and chemically stable and provide excellent electrical resistance.

Ideal for thermal insulators, padding, gaskets, flexible curtains, liquid metal splash protection, expansion joints, etc.

High Temperature Woven Ceramic Tapes High Temperature Ceramic Pressure Sensitive Tapes

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Pressure Sensitive Tapes

2000°F  Silica Fiber Products

Thermeez 399 is fabricated from 96% pure Silica fiber. Totally inorganic and will not smoke when exposed to high heat. Can be used continuously to 2000°F and offers short term service to 3000°F.

Ideal for thermal and electrical insulation, handling molten metals, hose or wire covers, gaskets, expansion joints, welding, arc and molten metal splash protection.

Ultra Temp Ceramic Sleeving Ultra Temp Ceramic Rope

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2600°F   Ultra Temp. Fiber Products

Thermeez 391 is fabricated from non-hydroscopic, non-porous, continuous filament, 11 micron diameter, high alumina, ceramic fibers with a tensile strength measuring 250,000 psi.

These filaments are woven into flexible, high strength, abrasion resistant and dimensionally stable, ceramic cloths, tapes, sleeving, etc. Use for hose coverings, gaskets, duct joints, metal filtration, etc.

Ultra Temp Ceramic Fiber Products

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Flexible Ceramics

Custom Formulations Available Upon Request

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