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3000ºF Ceramic Blankets

3000°F   Ceramic Fiber Blankets

Cotronics’ Ceramic Blankets are made from Asbestos Free, High Purity Refractory Fibers. They are resistant to oxidizing and reducing atmospheres, molten non-ferrous metals, steam, most chemicals and solvents.

They offer outstanding thermal insulation, low thermal conductivity and heat storage, good dielectric strength, high resiliency, mechanical and thermal shock resistance and sound absorption.

Non-combustible. Will not smoke or spread flame as per UL 723 for fireproofing applications and are ideal for use in any high temperature application.

Cotronics Ceramic Blanket Offers Excellent Insulation

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3000°F  Wrap It Moldable Sheets

Wrap It Moldable Sheets combine Cotronics' high purity, refractory fibers with proprietary, inorganic binders in a new economical wet felt form.

Can be cut to shape, molded and dried to form a light weight resistant to most chemicals and solvents. Wrap It will not crack or spall, has excellent thermal shock resistance and is no wet by molten metals.

They are ideal for molten metal handling, thermal insulation, fire proofing, burner chambers, field repair, welding supports, fixtures, ovens, sound absorption, separators, etc.

372 Wrap It Shaping Insulation Covers

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2300°F  Thermal Stop Super Efficient Insulation

Thermal Stop is high purity, aluminum oxide based, ceramic fibers uniquely bonded to a 2 mil thick layer of aluminum foil. The ceramic fibers have a melting point of 3200°F and will provide up to 2300°F continuous service.

These resilient ceramic fibers strips are used for pipe duct wrap, expansion joints, repairs, insulation of equipment, plastic molds, pilot plants, etc. Use band clamps or high temperature series 600 tapes to secure pipe wraps.

375FT Foil Back Insulation

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Flexible Ceramics

Custom Formulations Available Upon Request

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